The Ruckus We Made During Mardi Gras 2023

For the month of February, the Melody Joy Bakers focused on shows celebrating Mardi Grass. The band had shows in Santa Paula, and in Ventura California.

Rabalais Bisto – Santa Paula, CA – 02/21/23

The first show was a Fat Tuesday party in Santa Paula, which was held on Tuesday, the 21st of February, at a New Orleans inspired bistro called Rabalais. The place was packed inside and out! The Bistro is quite a charming establishment. It has an outside patio, an inside dining area with a cafe and bar connected, along with an upstairs loft, equipped with a bar and mini lounge, which has an iron rod balcony that hangs over the dining room. All tables inside and out were in use with a 2 hour minimum wait to get in most. People stood hanging over the balcony, listening contently with drinks in hand. Audiences were lively! People of all ages, 1 -89 attended. There was dancing throughout the restaurant. The band played 3 sets through out the night. They started their 3rd set off by playing outside on the sidewalk and performed a few songs for the people who were outside on the patio, and afterwards the band marched into the restaurant while playing New Second Line, which started a procession line with with people marching and dancing behind the band throughout the restaurant. The band finished off the night strong with patrons, and staff dancing through out the restaurant until the end of the show!  We were told  by the staff that they had an incredible Fat Tuesday, and that they look forward to the next time we come back and play. We’re looking forward to it too! 

The Grape – Ventura, CA – 02/24/ 23

The band played at The Grape in midtown Ventura CA for their show that they called “Midtown Mardi Gras Madness!”. The Grape is a swanky nightclub dedicated to highlighting music that falls under the umbrella of Jazz.  It’s always an honor to  play on a stage that so many talented others have graced. On February 24th it was D.on Darox & The Melody Joy Bakers turn to light up that stage , and confidently we can say we did just that.  The band had a great turnout, with fans new and old coming out to show their support.  There was dancing! There was shouting and foot stomping! It was  so great to see  everyone!  Merriment was had by all! It’s safe to say that Mardi Gras season 2023 did not disappoint!